Qualified In-House Lease Administrative Team

Our lease management professionals have years of experience creating and then executing comprehensive business plans to meet each client’s specific leasing objectives while minimizing leasing expenses. Each lease manager works closely with individual client, in-house and co-op brokers, marketing, commercial management, architects and space planners, and construction and design to drive the best market approach for each asset.

Our lease managers guide each lease transaction through its life cycle; creating and negotiating proposals and LOI’s, leases, amendments and other commercial contracts minimizing the need for expensive third party counsel. Lease managers immerse themselves in each market to provide market intelligence and to ensure the “right” deal is made for our client. Integral to facilitating each transaction, our lease managers establish relationships throughout the brokerage community; work with the listing broker to determine specific marketing plans based on an analysis of the competition; and the condition of available space in each asset to determine a suite by suite lease-up strategy.

Lease managers are experts at remotely managing brokers and providing up to date reporting and financial analyses of each transaction. Our lease administration team diligently abstracts each lease for entry into our management and accounting database and continuously monitors the status of each lease to ensure accurate billing and lease compliance.

Leasing is an investment that often gets less scrutiny than necessary. To protect your interests and ensure our clients get the best deal, a comparative lease analysis is essential. Leasing market knowledge is one of the most important aspects of value creation. Current knowledge of market conditions and an awareness of the subtle dynamics of each sub-market ensures an accurate, useful analysis and a market rate or better result.

Seagate’s lease analysis services include:
  • Analysis of a tenant’s commercial space, area calculations, amenities, architectural criteria and location needs
  • Costs of occupancy analysis to determine whether leasing or buying is in the tenant’s best interest
  • Market surveys from the brokers to determine what is available that best suits our clients needs
  • Property comparative analysis based on market survey. The comparative analysis lists and compares pertinent data in each sub market, class of office space building, rental rate, expense stop and parking ratio. Also included is a comparison of other crucial information such as ownership, property management, year of construction and amenities.
  • Negotiations of the lease and other significant commercial space leasing issues to protect your investment.
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