Our Partners

Recommending Innovative Solutions; Enabling Our Investors To Achieve Their Goals

Seagate, and through its affiliate Seagate Investment Company, has been actively engaged in the acquisition, redevelopment and management of a diverse portfolio of commercial and residential properties throughout the continental United States. When you invest with Seagate, you work with a vested expert who knows exactly what’s going on with your property. Investors benefit from Seagate’s timely reports and performance updates. All this conscientious attention pays off as we consistently maximize returns for our investors.

Representative Partners

Seagate consistently provides our investors with annualized returns of over 18%. This kind of success has resulted in long, rewarding partnerships with our investors. Seagate is a rarity in that we offer the expertise of a large firm and the attentiveness and courage of a small firm. We move quickly and decisively. In fact, by targeting shorter investment horizons, we offer our investors a greater opportunity to reinvest their capital.

We co-invest with institutional financial partners representing pension funds, insurance companies, co-mingled and separate account fund advisors as well as private high net worth investors. Our expertise in developing and implementing an investment strategy to maximize investor returns has proven to be a profitable investment vehicle for our investment partners over the past 40+ years. We take a hands-on approach: two or more of our Principals are directly involved with every investment. This has proven to be of real value to our clients as each of us offers a unique set of skills and expertise. By providing this personal attention, we repeatedly fulfill our investment objectives.

One of our investors owned a $20-million-dollar community shopping center in Southern California with a very low tax basis. This asset represented a significant part of their portfolio and yet provided them with no geographic or product-type diversity. This investor’s desires was to diversify their investments and lessen the risks inherent with owning only one property in a way that would allow them to liquefy assets and distribute them internally on a tax deferred basis.

Seagate recommended an innovated solution that allowed our investors to achieve all of their goals. We created a property for stock swap with an emerging Real Estate Investment Trust. In this transaction, our client received stock on a publically traded REIT< a guaranteed annual distribution with locked-in returned for four year and the ability to distribute their REIT shares ratably to their individual investors – creating instant liquidity.